FICE Spain, founded in 2010, is the Spanish section of the International Federation of Educative Communities, FICE International. FICE Spain is a federation open to all entities based in Spain that work towards ensuring comprehensive care for children and young people in social risk.


FICE Spain, founded in 2010, is the Spanish section of FICE International. FICE Spain is a network of non-profit organizations that aim to improve the quality of life for children at risk and their families by promoting flexible and complementary models of family care and support both at community and residential level.


·  Through its member organiztions in the different territories, FICE Spain develops community based services addressed to children and youth at risk and their families.


·  It acts as the Spanish network of reference before the European organizations working with children at social risk.

·  It generates a common action in all Spanish territories through a shared model that is person-centred and community based.

General and specific objectives

·General objective:  Improve the quality of life of children at risk attended by the Spanish protection system and their families.

·Specific Objective 1: Support residential care models based on quality standards and that ensure a proper transition to adult life.

·Specific objective 2: Promote new, flexible and personalized models of family support and / or foster care that are focused on the child’s needs.


Strategic objectives 2019-2021

·  To develop prevention, intervention and family support programmes to promote child and juvenile care in a suitable family environment.

·  Promote community care. To support the transition process from a residential care to community based care.

·  Improve the residential quality. Application of models of desirable operating practices and criteria for assessing the quality of the services, either through the development of standards or best practice guidelines. It involves developing guidelines general enough to be used by a wide range of agents and that allows creating professional quality actions that are consensus-based.

·  Establish strategic alliances at European level. To develop synergies aimed at promoting the impact on European and national policies in the field of children and youth.

 ·  Establish a network of professionals. To create a space for exchange between member institutions and other related actors, both at national and international level.